by Jake Hawken

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This album has been in the back of my mind constantly since I first started working on it in the summer of 2009, at the beginning of my love affair with ambient music.

This work is my musical interpretation of the creation of the Earth. My musical and engineering choices come from an amalgamation of the biblical prose and the scientific description of the earth's formation and development, from formless, drifting matter up to the complex, dynamic place it had to become in order for humans to grow and develop on its surface.

There are seven tracks, but they don't directly correlate to the biblical days of creation. Rather, they represent different aspects of the formation and transformation of the planet. I'd rather not give much more description of what I'm trying to accomplish with each track as I'd rather the listener imbue their own meaning upon it.

A note on listening:
For most music I make, I try to make sure that it sounds good in a variety of listening mediums. This involves making some minor sacrifices to the overall mix, but is usually acceptable to me and to most listeners. However, for this album, I wasn't willing to make those sacrifices. As a result, this album is intended for and best on large, widely-spaced speakers. Headphones are a good second-best option. Listening on laptop speakers, on phone speakers, or in single-channel (mono) will not allow you to hear everything that I put into this, and may completely ruin your experience.

Also, since I wanted you, the listener, to have the best possible listening experience, I've rendered this album in 48k/24-bit. To get the most out of this album, Apple Lossless (ALAC) will be the best option. FLAC will be the next best. Traditional music download options (mp3, AAC, etc) will also be available.



released January 31, 2014

Album art: Emily Hawken



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