Fragments in Abstract

by Hawken

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From the original release (2008):
"This album is the product of my fairly recent obsession with electronic music. I had a merely oblique appreciation for it until a few years ago, a good friend (Jasinski – who does the remixes on tracks 6 and 7) introduced me to Squarepusher, Zero 7, and Mr. Oizo. From there, my love affair with electronic music spiraled throughout the various flavors of electronica, from trip-hop to drum’n’bass, to experimental and ambient. Friends have many times asked me to describe my sound on this project. The best description I could come up with was 'funky electronica,' but recently a buddy said it was 'like Trent Reznor but with less rage.' Either way, I had a ton of fun putting this project together and hope you enjoy listening to it in even a fraction of the amount that I enjoyed making it."


released June 1, 2008

Tyler Bybee - Guitar on Track 1
Tyler Nickl - Guitar on Tracks 2 & 4
Jasinski - Remixes on Tracks 6 & 7



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Track Name: You
You, with your painfully contrived attempts
at vaulted intellectualism.
You, lulled into the belief that you're intelligent
by the voice of collectivism.
You, in your circle of elitists
trying to talk to me about inequality
You, on your pulpit from nothing more than popular opinion
shouting "Everyone come follow me!"

Let them eat cake, you might as well say,
A meaningless person, a shell of a man,
I hate your way of life, how you impose,
and everything for which you stand.
You assume that since you're on a talk show
that your point of view is worth a dime,
did you ever stop to think that if fame had never found you,
that no one would even give you the time?

You, denouncing the system
which allows your denunciation,
You, biting the hand
that built your life's very foundation.
You, setting criminal example
but deny your ill effect,
You, hypocrisy defines you, I remind you
that you live the life you claim to reject,
I've got your number, watch your back.

Track Name: Robot friend...
Track Name: Opportunist
I am a selfish prick
I am an opportunist
I turn the pain of others
into my own benefit.

All that you say I am
I very well may be
but you will never know
'cuz epithets are all you see.

I must do awful things
that you are unaware of
you're just a victim
of the hateful way I live my life

You take as guaranteed
a secondhand attack
before you even shook my hand
you stabbed me in the back.

Your thoughts are hand-me-downs
all your opinions are given to you
by somebody else,
Why don't you simmer down?
Just take a breath and in the meantime
you just might think for yourself.

I am a selfish prick
I am an opportunist
I turn the pain of others
into my own benefit.

All that you say I am
I very well may be
but you will never know
'cuz epithets are all you see.
Track Name: Want and Should (Are Two Different Things)
Nothing satisfies
nothing compares to you
I want to be yours
but I want whats fair to you

And if it turns out
that it hurts to hold on
then I wont pursue
when you leave and you're gone.

You take your time
making decisions that I need
I've expressed intentions
but I don't want to mislead.

Though I don't to have
to sever the strings
Want and Should
are two completely different things.
Track Name: A Step Into the Furnace
Everything feels hot
feels like I'm burning up inside
It's like I'm in the depths of hell and frying.
Every step I take away from you
is like a step into the furnace
and I think I'm dying.

Temptation come and god
but deep inside my heart I know
that to my self the heat I'd be applying,
'cuz the terrifying, deep,
subconscious itch inside my soul
forces me to be forever trying.

You turn up the heat on me,
but I can't even seem to want to break free.

I start to slip, I start to fall, I start to trip,
the second I release my grip upon you,
despite my pride, my fate decrees you by my side,
I can't resist you, I don't even want to.

The absence of your touch you're here, it's just too much,
for me to bear it for too long in calmness,
what normally rests within the left side of my chest,
is where you fingers are and where your palm is.

My willpower's been constricted
yeah, I'm stuck, I'm hooked,
yeah, I'm addicted.